Impact Oasis Art Show at Beauregard Gallery, Rumson NJ

Impact Oasis is a very special community for young adults with autism. Mai Cleary, the founder, envisioned and created a supervised group home for young adults who are in the autism spectrum.The mission of Impact Oasis is to promote inclusion and acceptance of autistic individuals into their local communities by establishing environmentally exemplary farm centers that provide meaningful work, peaceful and healthy residences and community interaction. The small group of students have been taking Art lessons with Sarah Hilton in Atlantic Highlands. Sarah Hilton Studios has provided art lessons for the students. The art work is remarkable. Thanks to Kathy Donnally of Beauregard Gallery, the students hosted a sold out Art Show last weekend. Along with the beautiful art work, the students also baked delectables for the event. Shine Bright Studios photographed all the artwork and created a poster, proceeds from the sale will go to Impact Oasis.

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Cross Country Skiing at Thompson Park, Lincroft NJ

Did you know you can rent cross country skis at Thompson Park? What a great way to enjoy the freah new snow we had last night. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere , all just 20 minutes from home!
ski1 ski2

Interview with artist Jennifer Donaldson

The style of a painting can say so much about the artist. I love Jennifer Donaldson’s style. It’s friendly and inviting. When visualized the “Love Jersey”  blog I knew I had to call her to design a header for me. I love her sense of color and proportion. Here’s a bit more about Jennifer Donaldson:

Jennifer Donaldson, Fair Haven, NJ  Artist

Jennifer Donaldson, Fair Haven, NJ Artist

What inspires you? 

I’m inspired by the things and places that are special to me.  Painting gives me a way to preserve what may not always be there- whether it’s our post-Sandy destroyed beach clubs, a historic bridge or a farm that could be developed one day.

I enjoy painting scenes that are familiar to people, but could really be anywhere.  I’ve recently been working on scenes of the Atlantic Ocean from Sea Bright to Nantucket.  They look similar but the color of the water is slightly different depending on the location.  People that spend time at either beach would hopefully recognize that also.

I love painting horses for clients too.  Every one is so different and it’s such a challenge to try and capture the true spirit of each animal that I really enjoy it.  Being able to get it right and the look on the owners face when they get the finished piece make it really enjoyable for me as an artist.

What subjects you like to paint?

I consider myself a landscape painter.  I’m most comfortable painting fields, beach scenes, horses and buildings.  Lately I’ve been painting my children in my landscape paintings.  I am not a portrait artist, but have recently started incorporating more figures into my works.   I love to paint the Oceanic Bridge in Rumson.  The colors in the bridge from the concrete pillars to the rust stains bleeding through the metal are amazing.

What do you like to do in leisure time?

I love to read, ride horses and travel with my family. Currently, I live in Fair Haven with my husband and two children- a boy and a girl.

Your dog is so sweet, what is his name?

Our dog Sandy Paws is 4 years old, and was named by my son when he was 4.  He is an English Labrador and we searched all over before finally finding him nearby in Morristown, NJ. He sleeps about 18 hours a day and loves to go on long walks in the woods or beach. He is a surprisingly good bird dog too.

What about the Handsome black horse in your photograph?

Stache is a Tennessee Walker and an amazing trail horse.  His personality is extremely sweet and kind.  He is located at Lancaster Equestrian in Middletown, NJ and I love riding him through the woods and in the big fields there.  Being at the farm brings back wonderful memories of the steeplechase that was held on the grounds there which I faithfully attended with my family and friends for many years.

Where do you like to go that inspires your painting?

After college the first galleries my paintings hung in were on Nantucket, MA.  Most of the artwork consisted of small scenes from around the island.  I was lucky this past summer to be able to spend 2 weeks on Nantucket painting.  There is something about the light on Nantucket that makes it a wonderful place to paint.  I can never run out of ideas for new works there.

Did you always know you wanted to be an artist? Where did you go to college to study painting?

I went to Rosemont College and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art.  I was a Studio Art major with a concentration in Graphic Design and Illustration.  I minored in Art History.

What do you like most about living in NJ?

I love the amount of outdoor space we have in this area of Monmouth County.  It makes me very happy to go for a walk with the dog on the beach in the middle of winter and not see a soul, or to visit one of our beautiful county parks and have so many acres that are so well maintained. We moved to Fair Haven when our son was almost 1.  We kept the apartment in the city for a few years, and found as our kids got older we were spending more time in Fair Haven.  I wanted my children raised here because of the great public schools, small town feel and you can’t beat our summer here.  I feel very lucky to live where I do.

Moon Child Boutique- hip clothing store for Jrs in Fair Haven NJ


Yea! Looks like spring is finally hitting the Jersey Shore! Time to break out in some new brightly colored shorts that Jenn Costa has in her Moon Child Boutique in Fair Haven. I recently photographed her new and fun spring collection for juniors. Alyssa had a blast trying on all the new outfits at Shine Bright Studios in Rumson, NJ. Here are some takes for the photoshoot. All the clothing can be seen and purchased by going to to the Moon Child online shop:

test 4

Ultramarine shorts